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The less you talk about your weaknesses, the harder it is for people to destroy you.
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I know I’m hard to deal with. I know I make you want to strangle me. I know sometimes you don’t understand why I cry at 3 a.m. I know you don’t understand why I fear that you’ll end up leaving & replacing me. I fucking know how hard it is to stay with me. I know I’m stuborn & more than a handful. I know that I get moody & snap on you for stupid reasons & sometimes for no reason at all. I know you don’t understand my fears, my anxiety or my constant questions. I know you wish I was easier to deal with. I know you wish I wasn’t filled with constant sadness & self-doubt. What I don’t know is why you haven’t left? How are you still here? Thats something I will never understand. The only thing I ask is to stay..
Just stay & hold me close..


if we’re fucked up you’re to blame

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Neck Deep (neckdeepofficial

Murica ‘14: Mahall’s 20 Lanes, Cleveland, OH. 4/3/14

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Tigers Jaw 7/5/14 191 Toole


A Part Of Me - Neck Deep feat. Laura Whiteside

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